BROOKLINE’S 2022 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING will be held virtually, beginning at 7 PM on Tuesday, May 24, with additional sessions as needed at 7 PM on May 25, 31, June 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9. All sessions will be streamed live over the internet by Brookline Interactive Group: brooklineinteractive.org/live. The live stream will also be viewable on Brookline Civic cable channels: Comcast 23 / RCN 15/613 HD.

NEW! Brookline PAX, is pleased to share with you the PAX Board’s Warrant Article recommendations for Brookline’s May 24, 2022, Annual Town Meeting. Download a PDF file of the PAX recommended votes with explanations.

As always, these recommendations were adopted by a super-majority of the board members voting (threshold of 60%). PAX generally limits its recommendations to Articles expressive of PAX principles: e.g., supporting public education, public services, public employees and organized labor, the environment, and diversity, social/racial justice and peace, which are often subjective calls. (See https://brooklinepax.org/about/ for a fuller discussion of those principles.)


The May, 2022 PAX Newsletter is now available online. It includes news about PAX as well as views on issues of concern to Brookline. Download the PDF file here.


Results: May 3, 2022 Brookline Town Election

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