Now in our 60th year, PAX’s Board — by its usual more-than-60% super-majority, has endorsed three candidates in contested Democrat primaries. All are not only proven, passionate progressives in their values, but, far more importantly, are proven — by actual records and accomplishments, not mere rhetoric — to be outstanding progressive leaders.



TOMMY VITOLO, re-election as STATE REPRESENTATIVE (15th Norfolk District: Brookline Precincts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)



This crucial office is far too unknown and unappreciated, so much so that in 2018’s competitive primary — with a strong PAX-supported challenger who soundly won Brookline and Newton —  22,000 district-wise voters didn’t cast a vote for it, including 2,000 in Brookline (20% of the actual voters)! And, even here some  people “simply” vote for an(y) incumbent, in this case a longtime very flawed one.  That needs to change this year!

We’re excited to have an outstanding challenger, MARA DOLAN.  The Governor’s Council, analogous to the US Senate, approves all JUDGES and PAROLE BOARD MEMBERS, and screens far-too-occasional inmates proposed for COMMUTATION and CLEMENCY. Mara is the perfect and sorely-needed breath of “fresh” — but civil — air. As Progressive Democrats of Mass. wrote, “As a public defender and experienced campaigner, Mara offers a rare and needed perspective on the Council. Mara’s election would bring progressive values and her demonstrated commitment to racial and criminal justice to the Council.” Recent years, we’ve gotten a plethora of prosecutors becoming judges, a paucity of commutations,  and stingy paroles. A few years ago Mass. Lawyers Weekly editorialized, “An opportunity to reconfigure the Governor’s Council,” like that “nominees appearing before the council too often face discourteous treatment and are subjected to embarrassment or ridicule.”

The incumbent recently voted to confirm an anti-choice judge. Mara would “just say NO” to that… And YES to racial and social justice reforms. Just say YES to her.


Called by retiring Auditor Suzanne Bump “a proven watchdog for the public interest, Chris is a Brookline native, and a proven progressive true believer, activist, and leader. PAX has worked alongside Chris for more than a decade. Just as he demonstrated in leading the effort to oppose special interests who wanted an Olympics here, he’s led on issue after issue in Brookline, consistent with PAX’ motto: ‘think globally, act locally’. We have no doubt Chris will be a superlatively effective, inclusive, creative, progressive, fair, and forceful State Auditor.”

Chris was Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Gov. Patrick, is a graduate of the Brookline Public Schools and Harvard Business School, and he’s taught at Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. Here he’s been an elected Town Meeting Member since 2012, and was Chair of Brookline’s Transportation Board, where not only his leadership, but also his priority for public input and inclusiveness was outstanding.

Among many reasons Chris has garnered endorsements from an amazing collection of activists, like Boston’s Mayor Wu, many female state senators who are his opponent’s colleagues, and many progressive groups is his passion to overhaul transportation priorities and to combat climate change, like “It’s about using the bully pulpit of the office to be an advocate for change within government”; and promising to “incorporate carbon accounting into the office’s audits of state agencies.


Tommy Vitolo unquestionably has — for two decades — been one of Brookline’s foremost, maybe the foremost, leader pursuing our community’s many multi-faceted progressive struggles, not only fighting climate change — our state’s/USA’s/world’s foremost and most complex existential crisis, where he’s a statewide expert/leader — but also innumerable important causes like affordable housing, racial and social justice, police reform, public health (e.g. abortion access), voting rights, workers’ rights and more.

A PAX Board Member, Tommy not only talks the talk (which is actually not that hard), but he gets huge local and statewide results, which is far, far harder. His leadership style solidly, doggedly, and effectively emphasizes not only progressive values, but also collaboration and civility — as not only good, but crucial tools to accomplish sorely-needed community and governmental improvements. While the opposite of complacent, he’s refused to indulge in the recent national and local epidemic of personal and/or  exaggerated negativism.

Instead, he’s personified our more recent mantra, the need to “build bridges, not walls.” With the pathetic void in local media coverage, but for reasons that are obvious to those paying close attention, Tommy’s been endorsed by not only state giants like former Governor Mike Dukakis, soon Governor Maura Healey, all but one of the six Select Board Members who’ve served with Tommy’s opponent, more than 80% of all town-wide elected officials, more than 75% of Town Meeting Members, four prior Brookline state reps, labor unions, environmental groups, reproductive equity groups, the two chairs of the House’s Progressive Caucus, and many more.

Please give Tommy another term — not only because he’s earned and deserves it, but for Brookline, for the Commonwealth, for the USA, for the planet!




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