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Brookline PAX

Brookline Town Election Tuesday, May 3, 2022 Because of redistricting following the 2020 Federal Census, precincts and polling places have changed for many Brookline voters. Find where you vote here. Brookline PAX Newsletter for May, 2022 is now online! It lists all May 3 2022 PAX-endorsed candidates by office and precinct.


2021 Annual PAX Newsletter

The 2021 Annual PAX Newsletter was published on April 23! The web version of the newsletter can be downloaded here. The newsletter contains explanations for PAX endorsements of Townwide candidates, the list of endorsed Town Meeting Members, a Chair’s column, Town Meeting update, and special columns from Brookline Rep. Tommy Vitolo and Jeff Wachter ofContinue reading “2021 Annual PAX Newsletter”

Brookline PAX: An Early History

Except for last paragraph, taken from the papers of Ethel Machanic Alper (1908-1989), U. Mass., Boston Ethel Machanic Alper, daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, was born September 23, 1908, in Burlington, Vermont. An accomplished portrait artist, Ethel attended the school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on a scholarship. She married Benedict SolomonContinue reading “Brookline PAX: An Early History”


Every year, Brookline PAX endorses progressive candidates for elective office. Please help us in the critical 2023 election season, making a donation to the Brookline PAX Campaign Committee. Donations to the Brookline PAX Campaign Committee support the election of endorsed candidates with mailings, and, in many races, additional campaign materials. Your financial support is criticalContinue reading “SUPPORT PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES”